Powering ROI

Data | Analytics

Data | Analytics

Powering ROI

“Know Thy Customer” is built on the foundation of good, reliable, fulsome data.

We Collect Deep Contact, Mobile and Location Analytics to design custom and strategic multi-channel campaigns. Data drives loyalty and win-back sales!

We swear by good data. Raange Mobile Lock ensures customers register with valid information, giving you clean data. Don’t worry about fake email addresses and phone numbers messing up your database.

Contact Data

We help you collect important contact data from your customers either in-store or online: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Consent. This is the first step in getting to “Know They Customer.”

Mobile Data

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Nearly everyone has one, Millennials claim to have addictions to them, and people spend more than 5 hours a day on them. We capture more granular mobile data: number, device, operating system and more!

Location Analytics

We can collect store-level data attributing customer registrations down to geographic area, store location and store-level analytics. With this very rich data, custom and personalized messaging campaigns can be designed and executed to drive instant traffic to either Physical Locations, Online or Both.

Preferences Layer

Our Preferences Layer can help you seamlessly capture fulsome customer information: demographic info, communication preferences, and more. The key to truly personalized communications.