Guaranteed ROI

eMarketing Contact Databases

Grow Your Business

Collect Contacts Faster!

The first step to “Know Thy Customer” is building an amazing database full of your customers’ contact data. We build smart solutions that seamlessly drive your customers into your eMarketing Funnel.

Interactive Signs

We can turn any sign into a high-powered lead generation machine.

Wifi Marketing

We bring purpose to your Wifi by collecting customer contact data for future campaigns.

Powered Call-to-Actions

We can power marketing material, radio ads, event t-shirts and more.


We focus on frictionless engagements using the latest in mobile technology. 

Interactive Signs

Bridging In-Store with Online!

You do not require expensive IT, tablets, power or wifi connection. We want brick & mortar to make the best use of their expensive physical space without the hassle of complicated equipment or processes. It’s straightforward, quick and effective.

Raange Interactive Signs power your marketing promotions anywhere in-store, and is a very effective way to collect customer contact data.

Wifi Marketing

In-Store Wifi Hubs!

Wifi Loyalty Connections – Network connections can be weak, and wifi non-existent inside many buildings. Not to mention, data can be expensive for the avg users, with many going over their limits halfway through the month. Give away free wifi for a simple registration  – Win-Win!

Wifi marketing is an amazing opportunity for brick-and-mortar to provide your customers with free wifi usage at any location in exchange for customer contact data.

Powered Call-to-Actions

Power Any Static Surface!

Raange can amplify your message, increase connections and make sure you do not miss any opportunities to engage with your audience or customers.

We can turn any physical object into a powerful call-to-action – connecting physical to digital is the key! You develop a call-to-action and we can power it with our interactive technology on marketing material, event t-shirts and any type of static signage.

Opportunities: sales uplift, push traffic to social profiles or to e-commerce, database & contest registrations.

Mobile Registration Process

Frictionless Data Capture Using Mobile!

Mobile registration is hands-down the best!

Accelerate registrations – Raange SMS process captures customer sign up in 15 seconds, delivered and read within seconds. No spam filter. No app required.

Good Data – Raange Mobile Lock ensures your customers register with valid information, giving you clean data.

No Manual Work – everything is done digitally so no one has to worry about manual data entry.