Did you ever wonder how your job relates to football? Let me shed some learning on the doubters..

They say the longest yard in football is the very last one separating you from the end zone.

You’ve spent many grueling hours training and preparing yourself for this opportunity – also armed with an amazing touchdown dance – but there are 11 menacing players on the opposing team who don’t want you to succeed; their sole goal is to block you from the end zone.

To succeed it comes down to teamwork, data, insights and calling the right play.

Football and marketing have quite a bit in common. Take email campaigns, for example, your team works together to test and execute the perfect email for your customers, but there are dark forces at work trying to block you from the end zone: the customer.

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Don’t let the opposition block your email from your customer

Spam filters, message categorization, fake email addresses and bad subject lines, this is the opposition that you need to prepare for to get through to your customer.

The menacing opposition explains the dismal industry statistics:

  • 10% (in Canada) of emails are automatically doomed to the spam folder;
  • Sub 15% open rates in Retail; and,
  • An Avg CTR of 7%.

Meaning if you send 100,000 emails (assuming all go to real email addresses), assume 10,000 are automatically lost to the spam filter. Only 15,000 will be opened – on a good day – and less than 1,050 people will have clicked through to view your email at the end of the day. Some people are happy to get these results!

Ouch. Let’s call a timeout to regroup.

What if we can call a different play, wherein we use an audible (football 101: switch to a better play) that has a 95% open rate, with no spam filter. Suddenly, 95,000 emails would be opened, paired with the same CTR and you have more than 6,600 people view your email. That’s nearly a 660% increase in readers. I’ll let you finish the revenue projections…

Teamwork will help your email campaign get through the blockers

Email campaigns alone might not help you achieve your goal. That’s why it’s important to employ a team approach to targeting your customers. Try sending your digital campaigns by SMS, and we guarantee you’ll hit the end zone with almost 700% more accuracy.

Eric Nykamp CEO of Raange, Inc., Guest Columnist

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