Ever thought about your company’s DNA?  Corporate DNA is the internal genetic code that carries all the information about how your business will look and operate.  It’s your company’s organizational culture. Think of your company as a living, breathing organism with all the body parts that come with it.

I think about my company’s DNA.  I don’t expect my employees to look like the super-cool double helix molecule we see in pictures of DNA.  Although… Double helix Raange t-shirts might be a cool idea. – Impulse thought. I do expect my employees to function as important molecules, diversified yet intertwined in the biology of our company.  Okay, that’s a mouthful, but it brings me to an important point I want to make about the corporate DNA of a lot of retail businesses.

There seems to be a significant divide between CEO’s, salespeople and marketing with regard to what’s important or how success is measured.  The CEO focuses on the bottom line. Salespeople want to close the deal. Marketers focus on branding. – Silo job roles without a joint effort toward the greater goal.  The goal that helps everyone keep their jobs. – You know, profit. A company with great DNA is one where, not only everyone is aware that they are part of this greater whole, but they compliment each other to create an effective organizational structure.

Steve Jobs used to secretively take support phone calls to understand his customers better.  It would be nice if retail marketing executives would get on the floor, fold some clothes and maybe work a cash register just to get another perspective and get mindful of any disconnect.

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In many retail organizations, salespeople view marketing as an easier job and much less cutthroat.  While a sales environment can be dog-eat-dog, marketers are given a longer leash, so to say. Work performance is not nearly as quantifiable and getting clicks and likes is much easier than making an actual sale.  Salespeople may feel that their dependence on marketing can be a crutch. After all, marketers feel a lot less dependent on their sales counterparts. Their success is just plain measured differently.

Have you noticed how salespeople are pushing to get their companies to innovate?  They are desperate for a strategic advantage so that they can sell. The clicks and likes that marketers are providing them with, aren’t giving salespeople enough of what they need to sell.

If your company has a marketing department that is in a branding-bubble or you notice a similar disconnection between marketing and sales, it’s time to take notice as it can develop into a clogged artery awaiting your company’s bottom-line heart attack.  It’s time to put your DNA in check!

CEO’s, salespeople and marketers need to be aware of disconnected job roles and realize that all employees are part of the same breathing organism.  Success across departments should be measured with the same overall profit-oriented goal in mind. This is what makes up a company with great DNA.