Know Thy Customer

Bridging Retailers & Brands with Consumers

Why choose Raange?

RAANGE is a Communications Company positioned to Bridge Retailers & Brands with Consumers by Personalizing Everyday Communications and supporting everyone through the Customer's Lifecycle.

Build eMarketing Database

Turn your storefront into the ultimate list building technology by connecting brick-and-mortar with online channels.

Personalised SMS Campaigns

SMS is king. Clients have seen nearly a 300% uplift in sales compared to email.

Omnichannel Interactions

Integrate data and automation to engage seamlessly with customers at any time and place and across any device.

Amazing Features

At the foundation of RAANGE, is a robust, intuitive communications platform, powering real-time Personalized Everyday Communications that stand out from the crowd and win more sales.

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SMS Marketing




Proximity Marketing




eMarketing Databases


Device Finger Printing


Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

RAANGE’s robust technology and offerings can implement core CLM elements into your customer experience, to improve communication touch points from consideration to purchase to loyalty.

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  • Amnesia

CLM: Let Customer Relationships Drive Your Business.

Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a strategy for managing relationships and interactions with customers, from consideration to purchase to loyalty. It increases the rate of success of starting, growing and fostering long-term relationships. Placing Personalized Everyday Communications and Community at the heart of the CLM process will convert consumers into your next generation of trusted brand ambassadors.

CLM creates a better customer experience to drive your sales strategy.

RAANGE CLM Strategy:

RAANGE CLM is an omnichannel experience providing retailers and brands with quick and easy tools to attract new clients. Motivate customers to take action with real-time incentives. Build relationships with new acquisitions by connecting brick-and-mortar to online channels. Give consumers a reason to return with purposeful personalized communications and offers shared in real-time.

Experience drives our strategy.

Companies need to look past traditional, clunky communications and marketing tactics, and focus on refined personalized communications.

Retailers and brands can build a full-cycle relationship with their customers on the foundation of Personalized Everyday Communications. RAANGE CLM uses data and defined customer preferences to focus and optimize communications to improve the consumer experience; this translates into higher conversion rates and increased customer retention.

Consumers get the information most important to them and through the channels they use most.

Personalized Everyday Communications.

The Results:

Database Growth Potential
Upswing in Sales
Reduction in Opt-Out Rate
Higher Conversion Rates

Build Better Relationships

With RAANGE CLM applications and mobile app, companies can build stronger relationships with customers by personalizing every step of the Lifecycle from beginning to end while delivering information in real-time.

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