The Right Message to the Right Customer

SMS Messaging

Send Personalized SMS Campaigns And Get A Sales Uplift Within Minutes!

What SMS Can Do For Your Business or Brand

Personalized messaging campaigns can be designed and executed to drive instant traffic to either Physical Locations, Online or Both. We can help you execute campaigns that drive loyalty and win-back sales!

The avg North American spends nearly 5 hours / day on their smartphones. We’re glued to our phones. SMS is quickly becoming the most used method of communicaton with Canadians sending on avg. 3,200 texts / year with a 95% open rate! Get ahead of your competition & unlock untapped revenue with shortcodes & SMS marketing. Use this shortcodes to power & measure print ads, radio ads, brochures and more!      



SMS Marketing

Always An Occasion For SMS

The beauty of SMS is no app required – simply a Mobile!

Higher open rates than email! Over 95% of text messages are opened and the majority are read within the first few minutes of receipt, with no filters to doom your SMS message to the spam folder.

SMS doesn’t require an app and can be received on any mobile device! Our clients have seen huge ROI from Raange SMS campaigns when compared to similar email campaigns – More Opens. More Sales!


Powerful SMS Messaging

Short codes allow for a high volume of text and image messages to be sent and received in a very short period of time!

Whether it’s by shared or owned short code, you can use a constant number to send and receive sms messages. Short code marketing can be done on any surface, device, signage – just ask! We’ve helped clients build HUGE eMarketing databases using this technique.

Mobile Database Growth

It Pays To Go Mobile!

Mobile is a winning strategy! But you need an awesome database to realize full ROI.

Let’s be honest, when given the chance people provide fake contact information. Focusing on email acquisition alone can create murky data, as everyone has multiple email addresses, or inputs false email addresses.

Let Raange help you build an amazing mobile database while verifying contact data, to ensure you have powerful, clean data. It’s never too late to start.

SMS is Ubiquitous and Universal! It doesn’t matter what phone, browser or software your customers are using. It Gets Delivered and Opened.