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What We're All About!

Starts in Montreal

Raange Interactive Inc. is a cloud-based business intelligence and marketing solutions company, dedicated to bringing businesses and customers together for today’s global marketplace.  Given the combination of technological advances and changes in shopping behaviorism in this century, a different marketplace has emerged; one that necessitates knowing the customer, almost inside and out.  What is required is a stepping-out of traditional marketing methods to create meaningful connections with customers.  

Traditional marketing is broken.  It fails to connect with customers and sure doesn’t do it in real-time.

Eric Nykamp and James Elenakis founded Raange Interactive Inc. in 2013 to be at the forefront of bridging retailers and brands with consumers by providing real-time, extremely personalized communications.  The goal is to develop strong customer engagements that revolutionize the customer shopping experience and give merchants a way to know their customers like never before.  It’s a win-win philosophy that is the driving force behind Raange.

In 2016, Raange Interactive secured 1 million customer leads for retailers within 6 months alone. This unprecedented accomplishment garnered the attention of retailers throughout Canada.  Raange is well on its way to revolutionizing brick-and-mortar retail by facilitating omni-channel through personalized two-way communication. – As Eric would say, “There are no limits to personalization.”


The organization’s Core Focus is divided into three parts:

  • (In) Build, grow and maintain our Consent and Preference Based eCommerce Database
  • (Data) Provide extreme deep analytics
  • (Out) Power a multi-channel dispatching service


Vision & Mission

  • Our Mission: To Personalize Everyone’s Communiqués
  • Our Vision: Communication is Broken. We want to fix it!
  • Our Mantra: Know thy Customer
  • Our Goal: 250 Million Active Members