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How Pizza Salvatoré sold out of pizza dough using sms marketing

Pizza Salvatoré, founded in 1964 by Mr. Salvatoré Abbatiello, is a fast food chain with over 60 locations and 2,000 employees in Canada. The firm has amassed a sizable and active social media fan base, and has recently reallocated a … Read More

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Raange Interactive Partners with Alice POS

Alice POS and Raange Interactive Announce Strategic Partnerhip MONTREAL – Earlier today, industry leader Alice POS announced a new product relationship with Raange, a Montreal-based marketing engagement platform that offers affordable SMS marketing for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to … Read More

What is a sms gateway for sms and text messaging

What is a SMS Gateway for SMS and Text Messaging

In this blog, we’ll discuss why and how to send bulk sms messages with sms gateways. Companies managing applications or software with text messaging features are most likely to use sms gateways. What is an SMS Gateway? Technically, a SMS … Read More

The Advantages of a Text Service for Business

The Advantages of using a Text Service for Business

Using a text service is a fantastic method to interact with clients and increase revenue. Find out why they work so well. These days, it’s impossible to imagine life without texting. You can use texting for everything from communicating with … Read More

Raange Blog | How to Make the Most of Your SMS Marketing Strategy on Black Friday

SMS marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2022 is only a few weeks away. This BFCM, more consumers than ever will be skipping the lines and shopping online making your SMS marketing strategy key to sales growth.  Learn how you can … Read More

Mass Texting Services The Basics

Mass Texting Service: The Basics

Mass texting has become a popular method of communication in recent years. It’s fast, convenient, and free. But what is a mass texting service exactly? What is a Mass Texting Service? Mass text messaging is a communications strategy that lets … Read More

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Bulk SMS Marketing – How It Works, Benefits & Examples

Bulk SMS Marketing is an effective way to reach large numbers of people at low costs. It has been used for many years by businesses to send messages to customers and prospects. What is Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS (also known … Read More

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Zipwhip End of Life | How to Change From Zipwhip to Raange

With Twilio’s Zipwhip acquisition, it’s time to start looking for a Zipwhip alternative.  We have been talking to a lot of Zipwhip Canada customers, especially with Twilio Zipwhip’s End of Life happening on Dec. 1, 2022. Zipwhip messaging has been … Read More

How to Send Bulk SMS

How to Send Bulk SMS for Marketing with Tips from an Expert?

Does your business use SMS for marketing? If so, you’re in good company! The ability to send bulk SMS messages is essential to a successful marketing strategy as having the right tools. Bulk SMS messaging has its downsides. Sending too … Read More

7 Best SMS Marketing Services For Small and Enterprise Businesses

Are you looking for the best SMS marketing services for small businesses and enterprise SMS marketing? Well, this article is absolutely for you! This article will get you to know some of the best SMS marketing services, their advantages, disadvantages, … Read More