7 Best Business Text Messaging Software & SMS Services in 2024

Are you searching for top-notch business text messaging software and business SMS services in 2024? You’re in the right place!

This article will introduce you to some of the finest SMS marketing solutions, outlining their strengths, and weaknesses, and most importantly, guiding you on how to discover the ideal fit for your business.

Keep in mind, it’s best to make a list of the features or requirements that your business or organization requires before signing up with a sms marketing platform provider. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

The 7 Best SMS Marketing Platforms

Understanding SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing services empower businesses to dispatch bulk messages to their customers via mobile phones. This outreach is often referred to as an “SMS blast.” SMS messaging proves invaluable for keeping your customer base well-informed, particularly if your business serves a niche audience.

Advantages of Business SMS Services

Embracing SMS services brings forth numerous advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: SMS is generally more budget-friendly than other digital communication channels, enabling you to reach your entire customer base without financial worries.

Effortless Communication: Send messages to your customers swiftly, without the need for complex content creation or intricate systems – the platform streamlines it all for you.

Personalized Communication: Leading SMS marketing services empower you to customize your messages with recipients’ names, company details, and more, forging a stronger connection.

Security and Reliability: SMS boasts enhanced security compared to alternative digital channels. It operates on a “push” system, sending messages directly to mobile phones, reducing the margin for error.

Choosing the Ideal SMS Marketing Service

To pinpoint the right SMS marketing service, research and comparison are essential. Ask yourself crucial questions:

  • Pricing: What’s the total cost at the end of the month? Don’t be swayed by the advertised or displayed price.
  • Features: What’s included in the package? How many messages can you send monthly, and to how many recipients?
  • Response Rate: What’s the typical response time and delivery rate?

Now, let’s explore the top seven business SMS services you can consider:


RAANGE ranks among the finest business text messaging software, tailored for both small and enterprise businesses. Its user-friendly interface, straightforward pricing, and diverse features like scheduled text messaging, business text messages, SMS chat, emoji-enriched messages, personalization, segmentation, SMS API, and Shopify integrations make it a stellar choice.


  • User-friendly and well-organized interface.
  • Straightforward pricing structure.
  • Shopify integration.

Trusted By:

  • Bluenotes
  • West49
  • Pizza Salvatore
  • FOREVER 21
  • Lowe’s

Pricing: Starting from just $49.99 per month plus a cost per SMS, Raange offers a highly cost-effective solution for SMS marketing. Raange’s pricing includes carrier fees and free inbound messages, providing transparent and predictable costs. Additionally, the plans feature unlimited keywords and team seats, ensuring flexibility and scalability for businesses. The best part the monthly fee includes your own account manager, one-on-one onboarding and 24/7 support.

2) BurstSMS

BurstSMS, with over a decade of experience, specializes in marketing messaging services. It caters to small businesses and start-ups, offering features like unlimited messages to one recipient daily, free trial periods, and no binding contracts.


  • Unlimited messages to one recipient daily.
  • Free trial periods.
  • No contractual obligations.


  • Pricing can be on the expensive side, with monthly fees for a texting number ranging from $5 to $750 based on your plan, plus your costs of sending.

Pricing: While the initial pricing seems affordable, starting at $5 per month, it’s important to note that additional costs, including carrier fees, may accrue with each SMS sent. The per SMS price is advertised as ‘as low as,’ which may lead to uncertainty about the actual total cost.

3) ClickSend

ClickSend, a veteran in SMS services, serves over 10,000 companies with its professional digital communication solutions. Offering various messaging options such as text messages, multimedia messages, and push notifications, it provides flexibility, no contractual obligations, PayPal payment options, and a generous free trial.


  • Flexible payment options.
  • No contracts.
  • Generous free trial.


  • Pricing can be relatively high, with monthly fees around $71.54 depending on your plan.

Pricing: ClickSend offers a DEDICATED SHORTCODE service priced at $1120.57 per month, with a hefty setup fee of $2149.55, making it a costly option. Their per SMS charge doesn’t include carrier fees, effectively doubling the advertised price. Inbound messages are free, and all prices are charged in USD.

4) SlickText

SlickText is an SMS marketing platform that allows businesses to engage customers through text message campaigns, utilizing features like autoresponders and keyword triggers to streamline marketing efforts.


  • SlickText offers an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to create and manage SMS marketing campaigns.
  • It provides a variety of features such as drip campaigns, autoresponders, and keyword-based triggers, enhancing campaign effectiveness and automation.


  • SlickText charges extra for SMS overages, which can increase costs unexpectedly if campaign volumes exceed the plan limits.
  • While feature-rich, the customization options for templates and campaign designs may be somewhat limited compared to other SMS marketing platforms.

Pricing: Carrier fees are charged at the end of each payment period, typically monthly, based on usage. The platform also offers free inbound messages, although costs apply for additional keywords and plans priced below $139 do not include one-on-one support, potentially limiting personalized assistance for users on lower-tier plans.

5) Avochato

Avochato is a business texting software with products focused on Customer Support and Sales, primarily. They have a fun little demo you can do by texting “AVO” to (415) 214-8977.


  • Avochato offers integration with various channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and live chat, providing a unified communication solution for businesses.
  • Avochato facilitates two-way communication, allowing businesses to engage in real-time conversations with customers, enhancing customer support and relationship management.


    • Avochato’s pricing structure can be complex, with additional costs for features like dedicated numbers, keywords, and premium support, potentially leading to higher-than-expected expenses.

    Pricing: As stated above, it is very difficult to understand what your pricing is on Avochato by looking at the pricing page. They do offer an annual discount which is nice. However, you do pay per user on the platform, which can be a costly venture for larger customers.

    6) Simpletexting

    Simpletexting distinguishes itself as an SMS marketing service focusing helping small businesses with one-to-one or two-way sms messaging. It’s a platform that has been around for a while and was recently acquired by Sinch.


    • Offers comprehensive sms solution for small businesses
    • Offer local numbers, Toll Free Numbers and short codes.


    • Confusion with pricing.

    Pricing: In addition to the base subscription fee, users should be aware of carrier fees which are added at the end of each billing cycle based on usage. Simpletexting also charges per additional seat, presenting a barrier for larger companies.

    7) EZ Texting

    EZ Texting is a well-known SMS marketing company based out of the US. It is advertised as a mass texting service focused primarily on small businesses.


    • Users can automate SMS campaigns and schedule messages in advance, which helps save time and effort in managing marketing campaigns.
    • EZ Texting integrates with various platforms and CRM systems, providing insights into campaign performance through analytics and reporting features.


    • While EZ Texting offers affordable pricing plans, the cost of sending SMS messages can add up, especially for businesses with large contact lists or frequent campaigns.

    Pricing: EZ Texting offers a 20% discount when opting to pay annually, ensuring cost savings over time. The platform includes free inbound messages, although additional keywords are priced at $30 each, which some users may find costly. It’s essential to verify that carrier fees are incorporated into the pricing to avoid unexpected charges.


    SMS services offer a powerful means of keeping your customers informed about your company’s latest developments, events, and enticing offers. They are user-friendly, cost-effective, and foster stronger connections with customers.

    You can explore the mentioned SMS services to initiate your campaign. Remember to select a provider known for reliability, a stellar reputation, and features that align with your needs. Many of these services offer customizable packages, ensuring they cater to your unique requirements. Embark on your SMS marketing journey and watch your business thrive.

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