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Sushi Taxi Sees Instant Sales Uplift with SMS Marketing and Raange

Sushi Taxi has a network of 23 store locations across Quebec, offering customers convenient access to quality sushi delivery and takeout services. Each store is operated by franchisees, with Sushi Taxi’s Director of Marketing managing all marketing efforts centrally.  Problem: … Read More

7 Best Business Text Messaging Software & SMS Services in 2024

Are you searching for top-notch business text messaging software and business SMS services in 2024? You’re in the right place! This article will introduce you to some of the finest SMS marketing solutions, outlining their strengths, and weaknesses, and most … Read More

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How Pappa Leo’s Pizza used SMS to Increase Sales

Pappa Leo’s Pizza, co-founded by brothers Matt and Chris Rougeau in 2003, is a pizzeria chain based in British Columbia, Canada. With a modest team consisting of Matt and Chris, they own and operate one corporate shop and oversee six … Read More

Raange SMS Marketing in Canada

SMS Marketing in Canada: Learn from a Canadian Texting Service

Raange is a Canadian-based SMS Marketing software company. We’ve been in the text messaging game since 2015, so we know a few things about the Canadian SMS Marketing industry and bulk sms Canada. Canada’s SMS Marketing market is growing as … Read More

Calgary Flames Foundation Hit New Fundraising Heights with Text Marketing

Calgary Flames Foundation Hit New Heights with Text Marketing

The Calgary Flames Foundation is a charitable organization affiliated with the Calgary Flames NHL team. Established to support community initiatives in Southern Alberta, using the power of sport to create healthier communities. The Opportunity: With the government’s recent approval of … Read More

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Canadian Bulk SMS Service – How It Works, Benefits & Examples

Bulk SMS Marketing is an effective way to reach large numbers of people at low costs. It has been used for many years by businesses to send messages to customers and prospects. What is Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS (also known … Read More

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The Canadian Short Code Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about sms short codes in Canada. We’ll go through the essentials, a few use cases, regulations, how to procure a short code and more.  Raange is a Canadian SMS marketing company, and a recognized … Read More

The Montreal Canadiens Children Foundation and Raange SMS

How the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is using SMS to raise money to support youth

The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is on a mission to instill healthy lifestyles and physical activity among underprivileged youth aged 4 to 17. Their most significant source of revenue is their 50/50 draw, which they operate at all Montreal Canadiens … Read More

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What’s the difference between first party, second party, and third-party data?

When it comes to collecting data, we’ve definitely entered a more customer-centric era. An essential milestone in this transition was the implementation of the GDPR. In combination with the CAN-SPAM Act and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law and Quebec’s Loi 25, … Read More

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Why First Party Data Matters in a Cookieless Future

As digital advertising professionals brace for the impending demise of third-party cookies, the landscape of online marketing is undergoing a seismic shift. With Google’s recent announcement of phasing out third-party cookies by Q3 2024, businesses must adapt their strategies to … Read More