Sushi Taxi Sees Instant Sales Uplift with SMS Marketing and Raange

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Sushi Taxi has a network of 23 store locations across Quebec, offering customers convenient access to quality sushi delivery and takeout services. Each store is operated by franchisees, with Sushi Taxi’s Director of Marketing managing all marketing efforts centrally. 


Despite its extensive network of store locations and traditional marketing efforts such as flyers and email campaigns, Sushi Taxi faced challenges in achieving significant growth and expanding its sales. In addition, marketing falls under the responsibility of one person, underscoring the need for an easy-to-use and impactful solution, so as not to overwhelm the individual with a new channel.


In response to its marketing challenges, Sushi Taxi turned to Raange’s comprehensive SMS marketing platform that allowed Sushi Taxi to centralize its marketing efforts, send store-level text messaging campaigns and connect with customers in a more direct and engaging manner. 


With Raange’s SMS marketing platform in place, Sushi Taxi observed an instant uplift in sales with each SMS campaign blast, often resulting in overflow orders at store locations. As a result, Sushi Taxi needed to communicate with its franchisees to prepare for the surge in orders and ensure adequate stock levels to meet customer demand. 

Eric Nykamp, CEO of Raange:

“Working with Sushi Taxi has been a rewarding experience for Raange. We’re proud to provide them with a powerful SMS marketing solution that delivers tangible results and helps them achieve their business objectives.”

Marie-Pierre Guignard, Marketing Director of Sushi Taxi:“Raange’s SMS marketing platform has transformed the way we connect with our customers. SMS marketing is very effective and drives an instant uplift in sales everytime we send a campaign. The ease of use of Raange’s platform and their exceptional customer support provide me with the necessary tools to grow our business effectively.”

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