Top 5 Best SMS Marketing Software to Send Bulk SMS!

Best SMS Marketing Software

Are you looking to send bulk SMS but don’t know which bulk SMS marketing software to use? Or do you want to send bulk SMS without having to manage different SMS marketing tools? If yes, I have the solution for you! I’ll be going over the top SMS marketing platforms to choose the best SMS marketing software, the buying guide, and more!

Sending bulk SMS is a great way to promote your business, build brand awareness, and generate leads. You can send personalized, branded text messages directly to your customers with a simple click. You can send bulk SMS, but you can also choose how often you’d like to message them and which recipients you’d like to message.

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However, let’s see the top 5 of the best SMS marketing software to send bulk SMS:

What is an SMS Marketing Software?

An SMS marketing software is a tool that allows you to send and manage your text messages, usually via an easy to use software interface. Most of these tools come with additional features that allow you to track the engagement of your text campaigns, analyze your customers’ behavior, and generate reports on the performance of your campaigns.

These tools can be especially helpful for businesses with limited marketing or IT resources but still need to send many text messages.

SMS Marketing Automation 

SMS marketing automation is a technology that allows you to create and manage text-based campaigns from one centralized location. You can create bespoke campaigns that are catered to your specific business needs and then trigger them at specific times or when a specific action is taken by the customer, such as when they enter a promotion code, make a purchase, or call your business.

Top 5 best SMS marketing software

Here are the top 5 top SMS marketing platforms to send bulk SMS. Please have a look at them and decide on your own! We are also going to discuss a comprehensive buying guide later in this article.


Raange is a powerful bulk SMS marketing software that enables you to send and manage text messages from a single dashboard. With a wide range of features and integrations, you can send text messages, track responses, send bulk text messages, track clicks and conversions, and more.


  • The service is user-friendly
  • The pricing is very competitive and straightforward. (No Catches)
  • +90% sms deliverability
  • Best-in-class subscriber acquisition tools: SmartSigns, Popups and Social Links.
  • Easy-to-use chat feature
  • Includes all features in each pricing package
  • Toll Free Numbers and Short Codes available


  • You pay for usage (per sms) which is separate from the monthly subscription fee.

Trusted By:

  • Bluenotes
  • West49
  • SUZY
  • FOREVER 21
  • Lowe’s
  • Pizza Salvatoré


Raange offers a flat rate that starts from $24.99 per month and ¢5 per SMS with no catches at all. 

2) SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting offers a free plan with limited features. Still, you can upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced features, including sending up to 50,000 messages per month, advanced campaign management, and more.


  • Free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers
  • It is very simple to use.
  • SimpleTexting offers a free trial that allows you to test the software before purchasing it.
  • The pricing is very simple.


  • You can’t send more than 100 texts per day for free.
  • Doesn’t include carrier fees in their pricing.
  • Doesn’t include all integrations in each pricing package.
  • Limits the number of seats based on package
  • Not sure if they include the lookup fee in their pricing.


The pricing of SimpleTexting starts from $49 per month, which gives you 1000 credits and for additional credits, they charge ¢5.5!


TextMagic is a fully-featured SMS marketing software that helps businesses send personalized, location-based messages to contacts. You can set up campaigns that send automated messages based on location and time, or you can use the software’s extremely flexible user interface to create campaigns that send targeted, location-based messages to your customers.


  • You can send location-based messages.
  • The software has easy to use features but is advanced enough for professional marketers.
  • You can send unlimited inbound messages for free!


  • There is no free plan
  • Not available for all countries
  • Doesn’t include lookup fees in pricing
  • Doesn’t include carrier fees in pricing
  • Many hidden fees
  • Have to buy credits to use


The pricing of TextMagic starts from free inbound messaging to country based pricing as low as £0.033.

4) Salesmsg

Salesmsg is a cloud-based software that allows you to send bulk messages, track responses, and track opens, clicks, and conversions. You can create and manage SMS marketing campaigns from either a web browser or a mobile device, and you can also send MMS messages.


  • You can send MMS messages.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • You can track your campaigns.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The customer service is good.


  • There is no free plan
  • Only available in USA and Canada
  • Doesn’t include robust bulk messaging campaigns
  • Doesn’t include carrier fees in pricing


The pricing of Salesmsg starts from a free trial to flat pricing as low as $25 per month, which gives you 500 credits, and for additional credits, they charge ¢4.

5) EZTexting 

EZTexting a cloud-based best SMS marketing software that allows you to send and manage text messages on any device, any location, and any number. The software’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create and send text messages, and you can use it to send and track responses to SMS and voice campaigns.


  • You can send text messages from any device.
  • You can send and track responses to SMS and voice campaigns.
  • The software is easy to use but advanced enough for professional marketers.
  • There is a trial version.
  • The customer service is good.


  • There is not any free plan
  • It is only available in USA and Canada
  • EZTexting gets expensive as you grow
  • You get charged per keyword


The pricing of EZTexting starts from $24 per month that offers 200 credits. It was pretty expensive, so I kept it in the end. However, besides pricing, undoubtedly, it is one of the best SMS marketing software! 

Buying Guide For the best SMS marketing software

When purchasing your bulk SMS marketing software, here are five things to keep in mind. They will help you to make a perfect decision!

a) Functionality:

Make sure the software you choose allows you to send bulk SMS, manage your campaigns, track clicks and engagements, and create highly engaging campaigns that drive conversions.

b) Ease of Use:

Choose a product that is simple to use and easy to set up. You don’t want to waste time learning how to use the software. It should be intuitive enough that you can get started right away.

c) Integration:

Find out whether the software integrates with your other business apps and products, such as your CRM, email marketing tool, website, or eCommerce platform. This will help streamline your workflow and save you time and money in the long run.

Also, make sure the software has a backend that allows you to manage your lists, add new contacts, export data, and sync contacts across devices.

d) Support:

Ask about the customer support options available if you need help getting started or have questions about using the software. Make sure there is a live chat option for urgent matters and an easy way to contact customer support by email or phone for less urgent questions.

e) Security:

Find out how the software secures your data and what measures it takes to protect against hacking or other attacks.


Choosing the best SMS marketing software would be crucial. The list of top 5 bulk SMS marketing software and a buying guide will help you out.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive guideline with everything you need to know.

Once you have all the information, you can make an informed decision on which software to choose.

The following list is a guideline on what to look for when choosing the best SMS marketing software.

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