SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Raange can help you connect with your loyal customers and reduce reliance on delivery apps.

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Increase online orders

A New Revenue Channel For Restaurants

On average your customers look at their phones 150+ times a day. Text Alerts gets your offers into the hands of customers and read (98% open rate) instantly.

stop giving Away Your profits

Reduce Your Reliance on Delivery Apps

We can help you unlock the OPTED-IN customer data you're sitting on to reduce your reliance on delivery apps, and help you to stop giving away your profits as well.

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No IT Required. No Subscription Needed.

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Increase Repeat Customers

Unlock The Customer Data You're Sitting On!

Work with our team directly to increase your sales and win-back past customers using Raange Text Alerts. Send opt-in text messages to all of your customers who have ordered from you in the past.

Stop wasting money on ads

SMS Marketing is 10X cheaper than running ads!

You shouldn't waste your time and money on FB and Google ads hoping that you reach your most loyal customers. Nearly 90% of text messges are opened and read within minutes.

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What our customers are saying...

“Raange is the most powerful vehicle we have right now to impact sales.”

Lisa Challis
VP Operations and Sales
“Raange mobile messaging solution has been very effective for us in acquiring customer data and the team at Raange has been an integral part of our mobile marketing strategy. ”

Geoff Matthews
Vice President
“Great customer service. It was a very personal experience – if there were issues they were dealt with in a quick efficient manner. It was great! Raange helped us to obtain contact information for our customers.”
Lorna Pierson
Director of Merchandising

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