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Increasing your opt-in acquisitions is the single most important strategy for brick-and-mortar brands to survive and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Retail Case Study

Engaging in a Noisy World: The Case For Suzy Shier. It’s not often that I’ve heard a long-standing retail executive state a technology as “our most powerful vehicle to impact sales and create loyalty”

eGuide: SMS Marketing

3 Tips To Writing The Perfect SMS Copy For Customers. We understand how stressful it can be for marketers to write the perfect SMS copy for their customers in just 160 characters...

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What our customers are saying...

“Raange is the most powerful vehicle we have right now to impact sales.”

Lisa Challis
VP Operations and Sales
“Raange mobile messaging solution has been very effective for us in acquiring customer data and the team at Raange has been an integral part of our mobile marketing strategy. ”

Geoff Matthews
Vice President
“Great customer service. It was a very personal experience – if there were issues they were dealt with in a quick efficient manner. It was great! Raange helped us to obtain contact information for our customers.”
Lorna Pierson
Director of Merchandising