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Explore how diverse industries harness the power of SMS marketing to drive engagement, boost sales, and connect with customers. Discover real-world success stories and strategies across various sectors.

Retail and eCommerce

Raange can help retailers unlock a new revenue channel with text message marketing quickly without the need for timely and expensive tech deployments.

Restaurants and QSR's

Raange can help you connect with your loyal customers and reduce reliance on delivery apps all from one easy-to-use SMS Marketing platform.

Software Companies

Raange's robust REST APIs make it simple to add text messaging to your application, giving you instantaneous access to near-guaranteed deliverability: 97-98% conversions.

Franchises and Franchisees

Whether you're a single franchisee or managing a franchise, Raange's sms marketing platform is perfect to send mass messages or one-on-one communications with your customers.

Nonprofits and Charities

Our texting platform helps nonprofits and charities engage with subscribers, share announcements and supercharge donations, plus we offer 15% OFF.

Consultants and Partners

Partner with Raange and Unlock the Power of SMS Marketing for Leading SaaS Companies, Marketing Agencies, and Consultants.

Sports Teams, Events and Concerts

Sign up new subscribers, engaging with existing customers and sell more tickets and merchandise with Raange's texting platform for sports teams, events and concerts.

Marketing Agency

Impress your clients with new mobile services and revenue channels, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Education, Universities and Schools

Send parents, students and staff important and urgent messages with Raange's SMS marketing platform, make sure everyone gets the message.

Real Estate

Text messaging is the perfect solution for real estate firms or individual realtors to stay connected with staff members and buyers, and develop a new lead source for your business.

Government, Agencies and Public Sector

With a 97% delivery rate, Raange's text messaging solution is must-have for governments, agencies and the public sector. Make sure all messages make it into the hands of your constituents.

Healthcare and Dental

Improve engagement with patients and provide modernized communications for new patients with Raange's texting platform for healthcare.


Raange's sms marketing solution for car dealerships helps you to stay connected with clients and re-engage with leads that fell off. Sell more cars with text messaging.

Banking and Accounting

From messaging staff, engaging with customers or managing your all important 2FA security protocol, Raange's sms solutions have everything that Banking and Accounting firms need.

Political Campaigns

Stay connected and engage with supporters. Send get-out-the-vote reminders, lawn sign registrations and more with Raange's text messaging service.

Small Businesses

Raange helps small businesses grow marketing lists and stay connected with your most loyal customers or subscribers.

Churches and Faith-Based Organizaitons

Our Church text service is a quick and engaging way to stay connected with members and worshipers via their mobile phones.

Pizza salvatore x raange case study - 900x600
restaurants and qsr

How Pizza Salvatoré’s Online Orders Exploded Using SMS Marketing

Explore how Pizza Salvatoré a thriving pizza chain, achieved an exceptional 25X ROI through their partnership with Raange, as showcased in our in-depth case study.

Retail chain

Engaging in a Noisy World: The Case For Suzy Shier

Discover how Suzy Shier, a renowned retail chain, leveraged Raange's SMS marketing solutions to achieve remarkable customer engagement and sales growth in our detailed case study.

Kidd Family Auctions - sms marketing feature - Raange - 900 x 600
small business

How Kidd Family Auction Inc. is increasing Traffic and Sales

Discover how Kidd Family Auctions harnessed the power of Raange's SMS marketing to engage with bidders and achieve near-instant results, as detailed in our compelling case study.

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