3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message

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3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message.

For many businesses, getting the right message into the hands of their customers can mean increased conversions during this chaotic time of the year. And text message marketing is still the best channel to get your customer’s attention with a 98% open rate!

Last year alone, we sent more than 250 MILLION mobile alerts. In advance of the holidays, our team analyzed our most impactful messages (measured by conversions) from the last year and put together this easy-to-follow guide to writing marketing text messages that are: 1) Opened; 2) Read; and, 3) Actioned.

Let’s look at 3 tips for writing the perfect marketing text message for Black Friday.

#3 is the MOST IMPORTANT TIP and the strategy most marketers get wrong.

1. OPENED: Make sure to brand your text message 

Any text message you send needs to begin with your brand’s name. In this example, you’ll see the brand name is even segmented down to the store-level, which adds a layer of local loyalty to your messages. 

The main reason to add the brand at the very beginning is to ensure your customers see a trusted        name in their Messages List (the window they first see when they open their app) and will open the message to continue reading.

2. READ: When writing a text message Get to the Point 

After you’ve introduced the brand, it’s critical to get right to the point! Provide a strong offer right away. In this example, you’ll see how Urban Planet introduces the sale right away and a compelling offer. You want to get your customers’ attention immediately. By doing this, you’ve given them a reason to finish reading the text. 

Finally, you want to include the exact ways to redeem this offer – in-store or online. If it can be redeemed online, make sure to include any relevant coupon code or a link to click-through to the offer page.

3. ACTIONED: Create urgency in your text messages

Creating a time-limited event is a great way to create a sense of urgency in your customers. It’s not enough to get them to open and read the message, but we want them to take action. So tying any coupon or offer to a 24 Hour Sale (our favorite) will increase the probability of your customer going to the physical store or online to redeem the offer. 

It’s no longer enough to share the event or offer of a sale. Your customers are busy people and always on the go. When you have your customer’s attention, it’s important to take advantage of the situation by offering a near-instant incentive. – E.g., Unique coupon code that is valid over the next 24 hours.

We’re confident that if you follow our formula for writing the perfect marketing text messages, you’ll see higher conversion rates this holiday season. 

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