Best practices for using SMS Marketing on Instagram

Not many companies are using SMS Marketing on Instagram. 

We truly believe companies are missing out on a great opportunity to grow their marketing lists by using SMS Marketing on Instagram.

Previously, we’ve spoken about the efficiency of SMS Keywords and how they can provide businesses with lots of valuable information. Today we’d like to dive a little deeper about how your Instagram Marketing can help you collect first-party data by using SMS Keywords and engage your audience throughout a wide range of marketing channels.

Incorporating SMS Marketing into Instagram Posts and Stories

A simple, yet highly efficient method of getting some extra kick out of your Instagram Marketing is incorporating SMS Marketing into them. Here are a few basic ways you can go about doing it.

1. Use SMS Keywords as part of your images

On our Instagram account, we regularly showcase examples of our customers’ sms marketing campaigns and how they use their sms keywords as part of their Instagram Marketing. Occasionally, we even feature our own:

How can this benefit your business? You may ask. Let’s say, you’re a marketer for a retail brand, and you’ve launched an in-store SMS Marketing campaign, which you’ve set up to capture email addresses and mobile numbers. 

Instagram can be a very useful extension of this in-store campaign. At the end of the day, these campaigns are set up for two central reasons: increased sales and grow your marketing lists. Sharing a photo of your in-store campaign stickers will guarantee the same result, without people having to visit your store in the first place. 

To find out more about how you can set up a very quick sms keyword campaign — check this article out!

2. Use SMS Keywords as part of your videos

Another simple, yet highly efficient way of incorporating sms marketing into your stories is embedding them into your video content. You can do that by featuring your keyword and shortcode in your story videos as well, both by filming your promotional stickers or simply adding text over videos. 

People typically find videos more engaging. Since video is taking over the internet as the predominant form of media, there’s now a lot of research being conducted to understand precisely why videos have such an impressive effect on the human psyche and how to make your videos even appealing to your audience.

Conclusion: SMS Marketing and Instagram Marketing

In previous articles, we’ve covered how businesses can achieve incredible results by using SMS Keywords and SMS marketing in general. There’s absolutely no reason why you should shy away from integrating your keywords into your Instagram stories and social media in general.

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