Let’s Work Together, Elbow-To-Elbow

Let's Work Together, Elbow to Elbow

Hi everyone.

During these uncertain times, we at Raange want you to know that we’re thinking about you, your businesses and families. 

We understand that the effects of the measures many countries have taken to avoid the spread of the virus, will force marketers to greatly rethink their strategies for the weeks ahead.  We wanted you to know that we share your concerns. 

This is an opportunity for us to join together in humanity and do good for one another.   It’s amazing what certain people are doing, from picking up groceries for the elderly to buying gift cards to help local businesses that have since had to temporarily close their doors. 

This is not a time to be idle even though many of us are confined to our couches. There are many things we can do to, not only help our businesses but to help others keep theirs and to help your customers stay connected with you. Customer acquisition opportunities remain. Optimism remains. 

If you have concerns about how to stay connected with your customers using mobile, feel free to call me directly. I’m happy to volunteer some time to help: 844.4.RAANGE #404

We at Raange have opted to tell our employees to work from home. We are fortunate to be able to do this with little disruption and we are grateful for this and grateful for you.  It’s time to come together as marketers and do what we do best. Be human.

Stay tuned.

Eric Nykamp


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