How to drive more online sales with SMS marketing

How to drive more online sales with sms marketing

As we continue to reach out to our customers and network, one issue that has come up during these conversations, is the need to rapidly pivot from a traditional sales channel (brick-and-mortar) to eRetail just to survive this crisis.

The only constant? You want to stay in contact with your customers, whether to alert them of store closures, changing store hours or any pertinent update about your business.

In response, we’ve been putting together some quick strategies to share with our partners that help with driving traffic to eRetail sites. Click the image below to watch a quick demo below of a SMS strategy we’re using to drive mobile coupon redemption to e-commerce sites in seconds!

As a company, we know how important it is for marketers to TEST marketing channels rapidly to compare against current channels and prove ROI – especially on tight budgets. With people spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, companies need new ways to target their customers before they’re gone forever.

We invite you to schedule a campaign test with Raange, so that you can test a new mobile channel with no risk and no obligations. You can book a time to talk and strategize with our team here.


The Team at Raange

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