Top 5 Campaigns to Fill Your Customer Database

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Ever eat something so yummy and perfectly spiced that the swallowing of it entices that tummy-teasing feeling of wanting more and more?  If we indulge our cravings a little too much, our pants become tight and we can’t see our toes.

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Some say that a hearty belly is a sign of a happy soul.  How can we possibly compare this to your customer database?  Well my friend, this we can. What if you could make your campaigns so utterly delicious that your customers will eat them up and want more and more? Then when registrations get prompted, your customers gladly bite and smoothly get swallowed into your CRM database?  It’s like the ultimate digital food chain with energy and nutrients flowing from digital campaign to customer and then from customer to database.

Having helped to subscribe over 8 million unique shoppers to our clients’ databases, here are the top 5 campaigns that we know work really well to get your customers salivating, digesting and then registering. The results are a belly-full of customer database growth for your business.  We’ve tested the seasoning on these campaign-delicacies and have found them very effective in generating customer registrations.

Top 5 Campaigns to Fill Your Customer Database

Buy 1 get 1 free:

An enticing campaign that brings reinforces the adage that ‘Two is better than one”

10% off or 10$ off your next purchase:

Buy it now, pay less the next time.  This campaign ensures a customer’s return and you have the opportunity to forge a stronger relationship and incentivize further.


Gamification is a fun way to incentivize and keep your customers interested in you. Everyone loves to win.

Refer a friend:

A way to get your customers incentivized to get more customers for you.


Register and get something for free. When customers do the math of comparing the minimal effort it takes to register with the pay-off that’s clearly worth it, the decision to register becomes easy.

Work in these campaigns into your customer database growth strategy and take advantage of SMS to deliver your campaigns. It is our experience that your registrations will surely go up, in store and online.

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