The Secret to Growing Subscriber Lists with SmartSigns

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After co-designing, developing and installing more than 12,000 Interactive Signs (used to register more than 14 MILLION opt-in subscribers to email marketing and mobile marketing lists) for retailers and restaurants across North America, we’ve outlined what makes the BEST in-store Interactive Signage for retail.

What problem do Interactive Signs solve for brick-and-mortar retail?

A lot of responsibility and pressure is placed on the shoulders of your frontline employees. The truth is that your employees can’t be everywhere all of the time. They need help. You want to be able to digitize some of their responsibility in order to remove mundane tasks like asking for email addresses, or phone numbers.  This will open up more time for them to deliver meaningful engagements with your customers. 

What better way than using in-store digital engagement tools such as Interactive Signage as a potential competitive advantage. 

What are the elements of creating AMAZING Interactive Signage for retail?

1) Branding – Make sure all designs meet your strict branding guidelines and follow in-store experience. Get your Operations team involved as soon as possible, so you have buy-in from all relevant stakeholders. 

2) What’s Your Message or Offer? – Don’t make your customer think: avoid making the customer have to figure out your message by using an easy to understand headline – You want to connect instantly with someone walking into the door. Make sure your call-to-action is prominent and easy to understand for your on-the-move consumer.

Example: Subscribe to our newsletter. Text “Save” to 70707 and receive: 

  • Percentage of discounts
  • $X dollars off with a purchase of $Y
  • Buy one, get one free
  • $X for the price of $Y

Decide which offer model works best for your niche and your business in particular.

3) Technology – Choosing the right technology might be the most challenging part of the equation. Clients often wonder, do I use QR Codes, NFC, shortcodes, long codes, etc. Your technology and flow is dependant on your Goal for the Interactive Signage. These signs are using our patented Text2Register service, built to help you get to know your customer by quickly and compliantly collecting valuable first party using their mobile device. 

4) Placement – As they say, “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The same principle works with signs. Your Interactive Signage needs to be seen and placed where they can grab your customers attention. 

Here’s where we recommend placement:

Stanchion Sign Inserts

At the Cash

Raange - Marketing Engagement Platform - Spicebros - 334x440

Window Decals

5) Training – you want the new program to be easy to communicate at all levels of the organization, and rolled out across your brand without overwhelming costs for hardware, or technical requirements of your IT team. As with the customer, you want your employees to be able to rely on Interactive Signage to help them do their job more effectively, and the best programs have performance incentives. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this program or receiving our FULL checklist, please send us an email at

How to get started with Raange?

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