Top 50 Powerful SMS Templates For Business

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Businesses are always looking for new and unique methods to engage with their target audience and generate conversions in today’s digital age. SMS marketing has developed as a potent instrument that can be used to directly communicate with clients and provide targeted messages, both of which can produce spectacular outcomes. Businesses operating in a wide variety of industries can attract customers’ attention, pique their interest, and motivate employees to take action in ways that were not possible in the past if they use the appropriate SMS templates.

We, at Raange, recognize the significance of running successful SMS marketing campaigns, as well as the function that carefully written templates have in attracting the attention of your target demographic. This blog article provides you with 50 high-ranking SMS templates that have been customized for a variety of different verticals. Each template is designed to maximize engagement, enhance conversions, and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

These SMS templates will serve as helpful tools to jumpstart your SMS marketing campaigns and interact with your target audience on a personal level, regardless of whether your business is in the retail industry, the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry, or the e-commerce industry.

In this article, we’re sharing the templates to help:

  • Restaurants increase online orders;
  • Businesses promote new sales;
  • Organizations re-engage their audience;
  • Businesses launch a new event; and,
  • Organizations share a special announcement.

These templates are meant to help you get over the hump and mental blocks around fitting your message into 160 characters.

Now get ready to unleash the power of SMS and push your marketing efforts to new heights with this game-changing technology.

Top 10 SMS message templates that fast food restaurants can use to boost online orders during sporting events:

  1. “Game day special! Order online now and get 15% off your order. Fuel up while cheering on your favorite team. Order at [restaurant website].”
  2. “Don’t miss a moment of the game! Order online for quick and convenient food delivery right to your doorstep. Order now at [restaurant website].”
  3. “Touchdown taste! Order our game day combo online and enjoy your favourite snacks while watching the game. Order at [restaurant website].”
  4. “Cheer on your team with delicious food! Order online and get a free appetizer with your meal. Visit [restaurant website] to place your order.”
  5. “Hungry for victory? Order online and enjoy our winning game day deals. Don’t miss out! Order now at [restaurant website].”
  6. “Game day essentials: food, friends, and fun! Order online and have a winning meal delivered right to your door. Order at [restaurant website].”
  7. “Gear up for the big game! Order our game day party pack online and score big with your guests. Order now at [restaurant website].”
  8. “Don’t let hunger distract you from the game. Order online and enjoy fast, delicious food delivered straight to your couch. Visit [restaurant website].”
  9. “Celebrate game day with our online exclusive offer! Order now and receive a free dessert with your meal. Order at [restaurant website].”
  10. “Score a touchdown with your taste buds! Order online and enjoy our game day specials. Order now at [restaurant website] and cheer on your team in style.”

10 templates to promote your new sale

  1. “Don’t miss out on our Biggest Sale of the Year! Enjoy [X]% off storewide. Shop now and save!”
  2. “Limited Time Offer: Get [X]% off your purchase today! Use code SALE10 at checkout.”
  3. “Exclusive Sale Alert! Flash Sale happening now! Enjoy [X]% off for the next 24 hours. Shop now before it’s gone!”
  4. “It’s Sale Season! Take advantage of our special offer and enjoy [X]% off your favorite items. Don’t wait, shop now!”
  5. “Calling all bargain hunters! Our Sale is on! Enjoy huge discounts on selected products. Hurry, limited stock available!”
  6. “VIP Sale Event: As a valued customer, you have access to an exclusive [X]% off discount. Shop now and treat yourself!”
  7. “Time to Upgrade! Trade-in your old [product] and get [X]% off the latest model. Upgrade today and save!”
  8. “Fall Sale is Here! Enjoy [X]% off on all seasonal items. Stock up on cozy essentials for the upcoming season.”
  9. “Last Chance to Save! Our Sale ends tomorrow. Don’t miss your opportunity to get [X]% off your purchase.”
  10. “It’s a Sale-a-bration! Celebrate with us and enjoy [X]% off everything in-store and online. Shop now and save big!”

Top 10 SMS templates to re-engage your audience

  1. “We Miss You! Come back and enjoy [X]% off your next purchase. We value your loyalty and can’t wait to have you back!”
  2. “It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! Here’s a special offer: [X]% off any product of your choice. We’d love to have you back!”
  3. “We noticed you haven’t shopped with us lately. To show our appreciation, here’s a discount code for [X]% off your next order. Shop now and rediscover our latest collections!”
  4. “Haven’t heard from you in a while! We have an exclusive offer just for you: [X]% off your next purchase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save!”
  5. “We’re feeling nostalgic! It’s been some time since your last visit. Enjoy [X]% off as a thank you for being a valued customer. Shop now and let’s catch up!”
  6. “We want you back! Here’s a special treat: [X]% off your next order. We can’t wait to serve you again!”
  7. “We noticed you’ve been MIA. Come back and enjoy [X]% off your favorite items. We’ve got new arrivals you won’t want to miss!”
  8. “Hello there! We miss your presence. To welcome you back, here’s a discount of [X]% on your next purchase. Happy shopping!”
  9. “We’ve got something special for you! Enjoy [X]% off as our way of saying we’d love to have you back. Come shop with us soon!”
  10. “You’re missed! Come back and enjoy [X]% off your next order. Our latest collection awaits you!”

Note: Please replace [X] with the actual discount percentage or value applicable to your re-engagement offer.

Top 10 text messaging templates to announce your special event

  1. “Get ready to party! Join us for [Event Name] on [Event Date] at [Event Location]. RSVP now and secure your spot!”
  2. “Save the date for [Event Name] on [Event Date]! It’s going to be an unforgettable night filled with music, food, and fun. Don’t miss out!”
  3. “Exciting news! We’re hosting [Event Name] on [Event Date]. Mark your calendar and get ready for an amazing experience!”
  4. “Calling all party-goers! Join us for [Event Name] on [Event Date]. It’s going to be an epic celebration you won’t want to miss!”
  5. “It’s time to celebrate! Join us at [Event Name] on [Event Date] for an evening of festivities, entertainment, and good vibes. See you there!”
  6. “Attention all thrill-seekers! We’re hosting [Event Name] on [Event Date]. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure you’ll never forget!”
  7. “We’re turning up the excitement! Join us for [Event Name] on [Event Date] and experience a night filled with surprises, laughter, and joy.”
  8. “Get your dancing shoes ready! We’re throwing a dance party at [Event Name] on [Event Date]. Shake off the stress and let loose on the dance floor!”
  9. “You’re invited to [Event Name] on [Event Date]! Come and be part of the action as we create memories that will last a lifetime.”
  10. “Calling all foodies! Join us for a culinary extravaganza at [Event Name] on [Event Date]. Indulge in delicious flavors and tantalize your taste buds!”

Top 10 messages to share an important announcement with your audience

  1. “Breaking News: We’re excited to announce [Important Announcement]! Stay tuned for more details and get ready for something big.”
  2. “Attention all [Company Name] customers: We have an important announcement to share! Check your inbox or visit our website for all the exciting details.”
  3. “Big News Alert! We can’t contain our excitement any longer. [Important Announcement] is coming your way. Get ready to be amazed!”
  4. “Hold onto your seats! We have a major announcement to make. Stay tuned as we unveil [Important Announcement] that will change the game.”
  5. “We’ve got a game-changer in the works! Brace yourself for [Important Announcement]. Prepare to be blown away by what’s coming your way.”
  6. “Important Announcement: Something incredible is happening at [Company Name]. Be the first to know and stay tuned for the big reveal!”
  7. “Mark your calendars and get ready! We’re thrilled to share an important announcement with you. Keep an eye out for updates coming soon.”
  8. “You asked, and we listened. We have an exciting announcement to make that will revolutionize your [Company Name] experience. Get ready for greatness!”
  9. “Calling all [Company Name] fans! Get ready to celebrate as we unveil [Important Announcement]. Stay connected for exclusive updates and sneak peeks.”
  10. “Drumroll, please! We have a special announcement to make. Keep an eye on your phone for all the details. It’s going to be worth the wait!”

In conclusion, you can find lots and lots of sms templates online if you look. It’s a great idea to use these as a resource to better customize proven messages for your audience. Remember to always be testing!

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