Why Text Message Marketing is the Best Channel to Send Your Flyers

Blog: Text Message Marketing is the Best Channel to Send eFlyers

“All that is new is well-forgotten old,” they say. We continuously reinvent the things that have served us for decades and centuries and improve them to make them even more efficient. We are confident that it’s time to reinvent printed flyers by making them more cost-effective and ecologically-neutral.

Furthermore, print marketing allows little to no interaction between your potential customers and the medium where they can purchase your products and services. Whereas mobile channels provide prospects with immediate access to your online store, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of flyer distribution.

Why opt for Text Message distribution?

Text marketing is an excellent solution for businesses that have benefited from using flyers but are looking for an even better result. These days, a huge percentage of people living in North America own a smartphone, which allows companies to stay in touch with their clients in a wide variety of methods that are most suitable for them

The reason you should be looking into improving your reach with eFlyer marketing is its relevance. Very little people listen to the radio or watch television daily, especially millennials. Channels like SMS and social media platforms allow much greater personalization and a better understanding of your target audience.

Sending flyers via SMS Marketing

Text message marketing is one of the most actively growing mediums of the last few years. Professionals are now seeing impressive open rates that are in orders of magnitude greater than the ones email marketing can offer.

Plus, SMS messages are operating system agnostic. Both iPhone and Android users will receive the same flyer, whatever platform they use.

The most significant distinction between printed and digital flyer distribution is the time needed to deliver them. SMS and MMS messages are incredibly quick. It won’t take long to deliver over 10.000 text messages, while it may take multiple days for two or three people to distribute the same amount of printed ads. Not to mention that in many cases printed flyers are discarded immediately without even being given any attention whatsoever.

Up your income and grow your database

In order to keep your campaigns relevant, businesses need to invest some time and effort into building a database of clients that are interested in receiving information about their new and upcoming offers.

The best way to build databases and increase your sales is to collect some of the customers’ data in exchange for a discount. This way, you’ll ensure that the information you deliver is relevant and exciting to your customers. Check out our recent article on the best tactics for capturing customer data for your databases.


Modern technology provides businesses with exciting new opportunities for reaching their clientele even more seamlessly and efficiently. This is why we are very fond of mobile mediums like SMS, MMS, and various messengers, as they are an essential step towards growing customer engagement and significantly boosting your business’s turnaround.

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