3 Ways SMS Marketing Can Increase App Downloads

Businesses that have decided to design and build an app need to find the best way to advertise their products and engage their potential customers so that the app they’ve developed doesn’t go unnoticed.

Retailers and restaurants need to go two extra miles to ensure that their product will be seen, downloaded, and used by their target customer. To show you how serious the competition is, here’s an approximate number of apps on the major app marketplaces at the beginning of 2018.

In this article, we discuss why SMS marketing is an essential component of a business’s marketing mix. Many companies decide to forgo SMS or other marketing tools to collect first-party data or contact data to focus on their app. The way we see it, this invaluable asset will help them augment their KPI’s. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. Why your mobile app needs SMS marketing

SMS marketing is yet to gain considerable momentum in helping retailers and restaurants improve metrics around their apps. We are confident that this specific channel will become popular and we have good reasons to believe it.

There is now a broad spectrum of industries that have embarked on the SMS marketing route and have extracted huge benefits from this marketing channel. It all started with less technological fields like hotels, real estate, tourism, and has gradually moved into more technically intricate domains of human activity like healthcare, e-commerce, and online services.

Let’s look at some SMS-related stats. What’s the most popular channel for retailers to reach their customers? “Email” is probably the first thing you thought of. Well, SMS messages get open rates that are up to five times higher, compared to emails.

Moreover, many companies and services have started integrating text messages in their workflow to minimize the number of missed appointments. Research shows that the businesses that started using this technology have seen a 26% drop in missed meetings.

Now let’s put that into perspective — imagine the growth in conversions and transitions from free trial versions to premium paid accounts a well-designed SMS marketing campaign would be able to generate soon after the release of an app.

2. Short codes Make Downloading apps even quicker

Rather than distributing links directly to your customers, retailers can also take advantage of the text-to-download function. Typically, a company will set up a short code number and include it into their ads in various mediums — commercials, banner ads, billboards, podcasts, and so forth.

By creating a simple shortcut for the user, businesses will be able to skyrocket their download KPI’s. For instance, if a client has to only send “APP” to 55555, to receive a download link, it eliminates a lot of the friction from the user path, compared to a scenario where they had to look for your app in the marketplace.

3. Higher and more calibrated engagement

Businesses can direct their customer’s attention to specific sections of their site by sending out deep links, instead of landing pages. With mobile apps, deep linking will enable you to send uniform resource identifiers (URI) that link to specific locations within an app, instead of simply launching the app.

Deep linking can be helpful when businesses roll out new features, products, or even new offers. Keeping your customers posted on the latest features you’ve introduced is known to increase customer engagement.

Furthermore, businesses can use SMS marketing as a medium for better and quicker communication.

If you’re a small company and you don’t have many support personnel, you can provide “exclusive” SMS support for Premium customers only.

Wrapping things up

SMS marketing has now become one of the marketing channels that are indispensable in a successful business’s marketing mix. The way we see it, your company will benefit from incorporating text messaging to grow the number of downloads by advertising your app via SMS or facilitating the access to your app’s page on a specific marketplace. Both are essential in this highly competitive environment.

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