How to get started with SMS Marketing for Restaurants

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Discover how our customers use SMS to grow sales

What you can expect once you implement this starter kit: 

  • Grow your online orders instantly
  • Easily start using SMS to connect with past and new customers
  • 98% message open rates every time you click send
  • SMS campaigns that are 10X cheaper than running FB & Google Ads
  • Grow your loyal customers with a new VIP program

Why Text Marketing for Your Restaurant?

Having a tough time competing for the attention of your loyal customers? Getting a hold of your customers shouldn’t be hard. 

Increase your sales, find new customers and increase loyalty using SMS marketing. The avg person checks their mobile 150+ times a day, and SMS messages can be sent to any type of mobile device in the world.

Once you capture someone’s number and consent you pretty much have a customer for life without having to spend an obscene amount of money on ads.

Collecting consent

This is the most important part to any successful SMS strategy. 

You need to be able to legally send text messages to customers. We’ll save you some time and run you through the most important parts of CASL (Canada’s anti spam legislation).

Collecting consent | CASL

Any company doing business in Canada, needs to be able to get consent from their customers, and here are the two ways:

1) Express Consent  – essentially customer has to give you permission to contact them. Ex. They need to sign up to receive weekly promotions. 

2) Implied Consent – you’ve done business with them in the last 2 years. Ex. A past customer who made a purchase in the last two years, you can message them if they haven’t asked you to stop contacting them.

*It’s important that you choose a system that will keep records of this stuff!

Create an Offer

Everything starts with a good offer and call-to-action to get your customers attention.

Studies have found that a majority of shoppers are more willing to provide opt-in and mobile information to merchants if they receive an offer or deal in return.

  • Clear Message, Clear Incentive
  • Keep it Simple!

You know your customers best, but we’ve found that providing a tangible, instant offer like a free coffee, or $5 off your next purchase when you subscribe to receive text alerts, will provide the highest conversion rates. 

It is very important to include the qualifier “when you subscribe to receive text alerts” so that the entire process is transparent.

Collecting consent | Keyword or QR Code

If you plan to use text-in or text to register, make sure you select a fun keyword relevant to the promotion. 

Ex. “Save” for $5 Off Promotions, “NEWSLETTER” to subscribe to your newsletter, or just your brand’s name.

You can also create QR codes that your customers can scan and redirect to the registration page. 
In the Raange platform, it is very easy to create both keywords and QR codes as an activation point for registrations.

Promote Your Offers

So you have an offer (ex. $5 off) and the tech you want to use – text-in keywords or QR codes. 

How do you advertise your text-in promotions? The only limiting factor is your imagination. You can power any call-to-action with text-in promotions.

  • In-Store Signage
  • Wifi Marketing
  • Radio / Audio Ads
  • Video

We recommend placing signage throughout your store, but especially at the cash.

Promote Your Offers In Store

Restaurants can promote sign-up via customer’s smartphones by placing calls to action on Smartsigns (see next page for template), including:

  • Takeout & Delivery parcels
  • Menus
  • Placemats
  • Table tents
  • Through servers
  • Receipts
  • Window signs
  • Cash register
  • Website
  • Social media

Example: We appreciate your business! As a thank, you want to offer you $2 off your next order.

Text VIP to 59595 

to get mobile coupons delivered straight to your phone 

Getting Started 

If you’re already using an online ordering platform, you should have access to a contact list of customers who have made a purchase in the last 2 years. You can upload this list to your SMS platform.

Now that everything is set up and in place, you can send your first text message promotion, event reminder, newsletter – whatever you want. 

You can schedule the message to go out at a later time and date, and then start scheduling your sms campaigns to go out with your email campaigns.If you need helping squeezing your message into 160 characters, we put together this post on the 3 tips to writing the perfect marketing text message.

SMS Templates for Restaurants

Here’s a template a customer used to achieve insane online orders on their first campaign.

You can read more about it here: How Pizza Salvatoré sold out of pizza dough using sms marketing

Here are ten more SMS message templates for fast food restaurants to promote limited-time offers and drive more online orders:

  1. “Hurry, our exclusive limited-time offer is ending soon! Order online now to enjoy [special dish] at an unbeatable price. Order at [restaurant website].”
  2. “Don’t miss out on our delicious limited-time menu! Order online and indulge in [featured item] before it’s gone. Visit [restaurant website] to order.”
  3. “For a limited time only, get [discount percentage] off your online order! Use code [promo code] at checkout. Order now at [restaurant website].”
  4. “Introducing our mouthwatering limited-time creation! Order online and experience the incredible flavors of [special dish]. Order now at [restaurant website].”
  5. “Act fast! Our limited-time offer is selling like hotcakes. Order online now and enjoy [special deal] before it’s too late. Order at [restaurant website].”
  6. “Limited-time happiness awaits! Order online and treat yourself to our exclusive [special item]. Don’t wait, visit [restaurant website] to order.”
  7. “Experience the thrill of our limited-time offer! Order online and get a taste of [featured item] for a limited time. Order now at [restaurant website].”
  8. “Calling all food lovers! Our limited-time menu is here for a short period only. Order online and enjoy [special dish] before it’s gone. Visit [restaurant website] to order.”
  9. “Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Order online and savor our irresistible limited-time offer. Order now at [restaurant website] and experience culinary bliss.”
  10. “Limited-time deliciousness is just a few clicks away! Order online and discover the flavors of [special menu] before it disappears. Order at [restaurant website].”

These SMS message templates effectively create a sense of urgency and excitement around limited-time offers, enticing customers to order online and take advantage of the exclusive deals and unique menu items available for a short period.

How to get started with Raange

Ready to give Canada’s Most Affordable SMS Marketing solution a try? SMS marketing in Canada is simple and easy with Raange SMS. Here’s how you can start sending SMS text messages with Raange:

  1. Set up a 1 on 1 call with one of our Team Members who will get you all set up and take you through a platform demo. Then we’ll hand over the keys.
  2. Upload your contact list.
  3. Set up your SMS keywords, subscriber links and QR codes (list growth tools).
  4. Promote your list growth tools.
  5. Send text messaging campaigns.
  6. Stay connected with your audience.

If you have any questions, you can also request a demo. Alternatively, you can call us at (844) 472-2643.

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