SMS Marketing for Nonprofits and Charities

Increase donations, super-charge your digital raffles and stay connected with your audience using Text Message Marketing for nonprofits and charities.

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofits and charities can use SMS marketing to reach donors and volunteers instantly, keeping them informed about new campaigns, events, and urgent updates. 

Your audience checks their phones on avg. over +100 times per day. They spend more than 4 hours per day on their smartphones. With open rates as high as 98%, SMS ensures your messages are seen and acted upon promptly!

The Benefits of SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

Send targeted reminders to encourage fans to purchase raffle tickets, boosting jackpot totals instantly.

Share updates and links for upcoming donation campaigns to drive more donations using sms marketing. 

With 98% open rate, nearly every one of your messages will be open and read by your audience, meaning you can keep them engaged with org updates, event reminders, donation campaigns and more!

Using SMS campaigns or SMS Chat, you can easily create a fun and instant communication channel with your volunteers to keep schedules or send urgent updates.

Use Raange growth tools like Textin Keywords to drive donor or volunteer sign ups. Let them Text to Register easily from their phones.

SMS Marketing for NonProfits

Promote Your Digital Raffles!

Promoting digital raffles through text messaging is one of the most effective strategies for boosting revenue and sales for your nonprofit or charity. SMS enables organizations to quickly reach their audience with raffle reminders and promotions, driving immediate engagement. 

You can see a substantial increase in raffle sales within the first 30 minutes of sending a text message. 

The key to a successful raffle program using SMS marketing is ensuring that you’re working with the right texting service that can help you manage local regulatory hurdles.

Check out our case studies below to find out more.

Best Practices for Using SMS for Nonprofits

Adhere to SMS marketing and privacy laws (this is #1), obtain consent before sending messages, and provide opt-out options. It is very important to choose an SMS platform that will automatically manage your opt-outs, keeping you out of any legal issues.

Craft concise, engaging messages with clear calls to action and relevant links. Maintain a professional tone while reflecting your organization’s personality to foster meaningful connections.

How to Get Started with SMS Marketing with Raange?

We make it super simple and easy to get started with SMS Marketing. Just follow these easy steps:

1-on1 Demo

Set up a 1 on 1 call with one of our Team Members who will get you all set up and take you through a platform demo.

15% Off for Charities, Non-Profits

We are really inspired by all the amazing work from our community-led organizations. That is why we offer 15% OFF monthly bills for charities, non-profits and faith-based organizations.

Let's Get Started

We work with you to get your texting number (toll free number or short code) approved and then set up your account for you.

Upload your contact list.

You can easily upload a list of opt-in contacts to the platform.

Send text messaging campaigns.

Once your contacts are uploaded, simply send or schedule your first campaign.

Grow Your Audience

Set up your SMS keywords, Popups, subscriber links and QR codes (list growth tools) and grow your audience quickly.

Account Manager

Reach out to your account manager any time to ask questions and get advice on your SMS program.

Case Studies

Get 15% Off for Charities and Nonprofits!