Mass Texting Service: The Basics

Mass Texting Services The Basics

Mass texting has become a popular method of communication in recent years. It’s fast, convenient, and free. But what is a mass texting service exactly?

What is a Mass Texting Service?

Mass text messaging is a communications strategy that lets organizations, businesses and brands send SMS messages to large groups of people at once. With Raange texting service, businesses of all sizes can send mass text campaigns to any number of mobile subscribers. From 100 to 100,000 at a time, our mass texting service has your back.

Mass Texting is a quick and easy solution to get a consistent message to a large, targeted audience. Customers use our mass text service to share weekly promotions, online sales, event registrations, and more. On top of that, customers send mass sms to customers, employees, supporters and more. And with 98% open rates for SMS, it’s the quickest way to get a hold of a lot of people.

SMS Marketing – The Basics

There are several reasons why businesses should consider mass texting as part of their marketing strategy. First, it’s cost-effective. Sending out texts is cheaper than sending emails or making phone calls. Second, it’s more personal. People respond better to messages sent via text rather than email or voicemail. Third, it’s easy to set up. You can use a service like Twilio to send out texts without having to build your own system. Fourth, it’s scalable. If you start small, you can scale up later when you need to. Finally, it’s highly targeted. You can segment your list based on location, demographics, interests, etc., so you can reach people who will actually read your message.

Can I legally send mass text messages?

Yes, you can legally send mass text messages TO YOUR CONTACTS. Depending on where you live (Country, State or Province) there are different regulations for sending text messages to your contacts. The most important rule is you can only send text messages to people who have opted-in to receiving texts. 

The more transparent you are with your customers the better off you will be. Once you have consent, you must use an unsubscribe mechanism for contacts to opt-out at any time. 

Remember you have to ask permission to send mass texts, be clear with what people are signing up for and provide a way for people to opt-out. Any mass texting service should be able to provide you with clear instructions on the rules in your area.

What to look for in a Mass Texting Service?

It’s really important to do your due diligence before picking the best mass text service or platform for your organization or business. So whether you want to go with one of the big international sms marketing platforms or a local sms marketing platform make sure to be spend some time researching these specific topics:

Integrations – most businesses are using different types of marketing systems like CRMs, Email Platforms, etc. It’s important that you understand how your mass texting service integrates with your current systems. In the end it will save you time and effort to find something that works within your current activities. 

Scheduled Text Campaigns – this is very standard, but you want to be able to schedule your messages to go out at a certain time so that you don’t need to login and send a message just in time. You’d like a mass text service that sends messages based on the recipient’s time zone. 

Volume – businesses and organizations with lists of over 100,000 contacts sending multiple campaigns per month should be certain that the mass texting service that they choose can handle the volume. The last thing you need is for messages to go undelivered or take a lot longer to send than anticipated. Talk to the company about their SMS throughput and partnerships with carriers. 

Carrier Fees – Talk to your mass text service about pricing, specifically how they charge for carrier fees. All text marketing platforms are charged fees by the big telco companies to send messages through their systems. Most platforms won’t advertise the carrier fees on their public pricing pages, which could double the price per SMS as advertised.

How to Send Mass Texts

It’s not hard to get started sending mass texts. The Raange SMS platform is easy to use and set up for you to get started in only a few simple steps, let’s check it out:

Import Your Contact Lists

Stay connected with your customers: one of the first questions we always get is, what if I have a list of numbers? You can import a list of numbers as long as you have the proper permission to text those contacts.

Send Bulk Personalized SMS Messages

Are you having problems engaging with your younger members? The average person checks their phone more than 150 a day. What better way to communicate with your youth than by sending important information and updates directly to their mobile phones.

Grow Your Contact List

The next step is to grow your contact list. You can promote your text to join keywords, subscriber links online and QR codes to collect more email and mobile numbers for your mass text campaigns.

Mass Texting Service: Industry Use Cases


Impress your clients with new mobile services and revenue channels, all from one easy-to-use platform.


Connect with your loyal customers, increase online orders and reduce reliance on delivery apps.


Increase repeat visits and revenue by sharing promotions, VIP information and special events.


Engage with donors, volunteers and employees quickly and easily.

Faith-Based Organizations

Share important information such as live stream prayer services, invitations to special events, links to online readings, and donation requests.


Send pertinent messages to your stakeholder groups quickly. Rest-assured that nearly everyone will receive and read the message.


Keep people coming back to your gym by sending relevant information, updates and offers.


Increase donations by staying top of mind with your donors. Send timely information on events, causes and request for donations.

Auction Houses

Get more people online or in-person to your live auctions. Share upcoming events, links to online auctions and any relevant updates or changes. What is an auction house?

How Much Does It Cost To Use Mass Texting

The cost of our mass texting service depends on the volume of messages you plan to send. Our plans start at $24.99 (CAD or USD), plus SMS usage. We have no prepaid credits. Cancel anytime.

We make it super simple and easy to get started with our mass texting app. Get in touch!

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