The Advantages of using a Text Service for Business

The Advantages of a Text Service for Business

Using a text service is a fantastic method to interact with clients and increase revenue. Find out why they work so well.

These days, it’s impossible to imagine life without texting. You can use texting for everything from communicating with loved ones to making payments and placing food orders with an emoji

However, I wonder how many businesses make the most of texting. In 2020, only 39% of marketers overall used a text service for text messaging campaigns.

What are the advantages of text services?

Texting services are reasonably priced.

One of the most straightforward methods of reaching out to clients is via text message. A message sent at any time of day or night will arrive at the recipient promptly. As a result, you may serve customers at all hours of the day and night without having to close up shop and risk losing money.

Pricing to run sms marketing campaigns have become very competitive over the past few years. You can try certain services for free with a very limited number of message credits, or services, like Raange, offer very affordable pricing without any long-term commitments or prepaid credits. 

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In other words, they work.

Keeping in touch with your clientele via text messaging is a simple and effective marketing strategy. They provide an opportunity to engage with others at the times when they are most receptive, such as when they are hungry, bored and browsing the internet, or while watching binge-watching Netflix in the evening. 

Mobile text messages have a higher chance of being viewed than emails do since they are delivered straight to the recipient’s device, instantly. A recent G2 article, found that marketers find text marketing to be very effective with reaching consumers, with open rates as high as 98%.

According to a recent survey, texting has become a common means of communication in the United States. According to the data, nearly half of all consumers (48%) prefer direct communication from brands via SMS text message

While some may businesses maybe afraid to text because they view it as impersonal or illegal (which it is not if done compliantly and you can read about it here), others may find texting more convenient than in-person communication. The fact is it’s a lot quicker than sending an email.

Access Customers Anywhere

It’s no secret that texting is a major channel for reaching out to customers. As an added bonus, it’s a breeze to get in touch with clients whenever it’s convenient for you. You may SMS your consumers at any time, day or night, within or outside of normal business hours.

The true number is quite large. Nearly ninety percent of American adults have their own cell phones, according to research by the Pew Research Center. And while most of us are familiar with the basics of texting, we tend to be less versed in the more advanced forms of the medium. 

Because mobile phones are so ubiquitous, it’s the best medium to use to get a hold of your customers on the go or at home. Building your mobile audience can be lucrative if done correctly.

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It takes little effort to get started and run sms campaigns

Setting up and managing text messages is simple. All you need is access to the web and a texting phone number. 

There are a few things you should know before sending your first few SMS if you want to get the most out of your experience. Getting an account and your own personal texting number set up is the first order of business. 

Starting and launching an sms marketing program can be overwhelming. That’s why at Raange, you can schedule one-on-one demos and account launch sessions with our team members.

You are ready to start sending messages once your account is set up.

Get Started with Raange’s Text Service

Here’s how you can start scheduling and sending SMS text messages with Raange:

  • Schedule a Demo with Raange
  • Set up your account and schedule a free one-on-one launch session
  • Get your toll free number to send text messages
  • Enable SMS Chat in your account
  • Send your first campaign
  • Talk to Our Team

The cost of our texting service depends on the volume of messages you plan to send. Our plans start at $24.99 (CAD or USD), plus SMS usage. We have no prepaid credits. Cancel anytime.

We make it super simple and easy to get started with our mass texting app. Get in touch!

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