What is a SMS Gateway for SMS and Text Messaging

What is a sms gateway for sms and text messaging

In this blog, we’ll discuss why and how to send bulk sms messages with sms gateways.

Companies managing applications or software with text messaging features are most likely to use sms gateways.

What is an SMS Gateway?

Technically, a SMS Gateway permits a computer to transmit and receive SMS text messages via the telecommunications network to and from a mobile phone. 

The SMS Gateway adapts the message for transmission over the network and translates it into the target language.

Today, SMS Gateways send messages directly to telecommunications companies and to mobile users via an SMPP interface, preferred protocol by telecos. 

SMS Gateways are the easiest and most efficient way to send high volumes of text messages to directly to users.

What is SMPP?

SMPP stands for Short Message Peer-to-Peer messaging. The requirement of SMPP is to deliver SMS. SMPP’s are used for integrations where end users can integrate their application with the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) and the SMSC delivers the message to the mobile device. 

The SMPP client application is connected to an SMPP server and in turn an SMS gateway which is connected to the SMSC

Raange would act as the SMS gateway for a client application, as Raange has direct connection into telcos via SMPP.

Benefits of SMPP and SMS Gateways

One benefit of using an SMS Gateway is that it makes it easy for businesses to communicate with customers at scale.

Additionally, you can get replies, send mass text messages to groups of contacts, and send individual SMS.

What are more benefits of using an SMS gateway?

  • High throughput – send a high volume of text messages at once.
  • Delivery receipts – you can get delivery  notifications for transactions. 
  • Save valuable development time – your application doesn’t have to connect into all telecos in whichever coding language required. Connect into one sms gateway and you will automatically be connected to a large network of telcos.

Cheaper – you don’t have to waste time developing your own SMPP interface. And you will get better pricing for bulk messages.

Use Cases for SMS Gateways

There are many reasons companies use SMS gateways. The integration of SMPP with an SMSC in order to transmit bulk text messages is the most fundamental use case for this protocol.

What are some other reasons companies use SMS gateways?

  • Promotions, 
  • Two-Factor Authentication, 
  • Appointment Reminders, 
  • Notifications, 
  • One-Time Password

Does Raange offer SMPP or SMS Gateway service?

Raange provides an SMS gateway to both the United States and Canada. We have connections to every service provider in both nations.

Raange has a conversion rate of about 97-98% and gives nearly flawless deliverability. Additionally, our customers get delivery confirmations for all of their outgoing messages, as well as the most attentive and helpful customer support in the business.

Our customer service is the most important benefit that we provide for clients. When we can, we make it a point to personally connect with each of our clients and learn more about the companies they run.

People are shocked to learn that they get help from genuine people who have experience in the sector. You don’t have to worry about sending an email and hoping for a templated response in 2-3 BDs.

Customers using sms with API or the marketing engagement platform at Raange are sending messaging through our sms gateway.

What else do you get with Raange?

  • High throughputs
  • Excellent system security
  • Industry-leading pricing
  • Minimal downtime
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Simple compatibility
  • Verified Toll-Free Numbers
  • Short Codes

We make it simple and easy to get started with our SMS Gateway. Get in touch with a real

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