4 Ways To Use QR Codes to Boost Your Text Marketing Program

4 Ways To Use QR Codes to Boost Your Text Marketing Program - 1200x627

Most people are familiar with QR codes but aren’t quite sure how a QR code can fit into your text message marketing strategy. QR codes are a powerful tool to engage with customers and increase conversions.

Best Way to Use QR Codes with SMS Marketing

QR codes can be used to get information into the hands of people quickly! Nearly, everyone has scanned a QR code to get redirected to a website fast. 

However, we use QR codes and mobile landing pages to drive opt-in registrations and validate real contact data for marketing.

If you use QR codes and SMS marketing properly, you can increase the audience of your text message marketing program.

We go into more detail about the specifics of QR codes and SMS in this previous post

In this post, we’ll explore a few ways you can use QR codes to better promote your sms marketing program.

1. Place QR Codes on In-Store Signage

You should place QR codes on all of your in-store signage. This is a great way to engage with customers who are already in your store and looking for more info. You can use QR codes to promote exclusive discounts or special offers. Additionally, you can provide more information about your products or services.

We use Smartsigns with text-in and QR codes so people can engage with your brand. We do find that 20-30% of users use QR codes as compared to text-in. 

Raange - QR code - Urban planet - text to join page - 334x440

As you can see in the below image, Urban Planet, a fashion retail brand, uses QR codes on Raange Smartsigns to grow its marketing lists. The QR code is linked to a mobile offer page so shoppers get a digital coupon and sign up for future text alerts. 

2. Use QR Codes in Print Advertising

QR codes are a great way to add a certain level of measurability to your print advertising campaigns like flyers or pamphlets. Connecting your call-to-action with a QR code gives a better user experience to your audience while engaging with your brand. 

Once again, we like to link a QR code to a landing page to use as a way to grow your SMS subscriber list.

QR Code Texting - Print Advertising

3. Add QR Codes to Product Packaging

Adding QR codes to product packaging is one of the most common ways to engage with consumers after they have made a purchase or are shopping in-store. This can be a great way to encourage repeat business or provide additional brand information. 

You can link the QR code to a survey to collect customer feedback or to a landing page containing a fun product demo, more information on product rebates or sign up for a contest.

Vinta Product Packaging QR Code

4. Use QR Codes at Events

QR codes can also be used at events as a means of promoting your brand and engaging with attendees. You can use QR codes to provide additional information about your products or services or to offer event attendees exclusive discounts. You can also use QR codes to increase your SMS subscriber list by directing attendees to a landing page where they can sign up for your SMS marketing campaigns.

Pizza Pizza uses QR codes to promote sign-ups for free slices of pizza at Toronto Raptors games. Obviously, this is a great way to engage fans at the game and add measurability to in-game promotions, as you can measure traffic and registrations instantly. 

In conclusion, QR codes can be a powerful tool to enhance your SMS marketing campaigns. The best way to use QR codes is to generate opt-in registrations for your marketing campaigns.

Ready to give QR codes for SMS Marketing a try? To get started with Raange, you can request a demo. Or, you can call us at (844) 472-2643.

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