Get Ultimate Control Over Subscriber Acquisitions with Raange Offers

Getting subscribers to signup to your marketing list can be as easy as pie with the right type of incentive, the right language, the right process flow, and of course, ease of signing up. All the tools you need to … Read More

How to Use SMS QR Codes to Improve Your SMS Marketing

How to Use SMS QR Codes to Improve Your SMS Marketing

Although QR codes have been around since the 1990s, this technology has stood the test of time and is still popular today. For example, customers frequently inquire about QR codes and want information on how to combine SMS and QR … Read More

Google Analytics x Raange - 1200 x 628

How to setup SMS campaign data using Raange and Google Analytics

Understanding your SMS data using Raange and Google Analytics When someone views an SMS campaign you send, clicks on a link, subscribes, purchases or even leaves part way through the process to re-visit your links another time, all this data … Read More

Case Study: Pizza Chain Sells Out of Pizza Dough with SMS Marketing

Our client is a fast-food chain with over 60 locations and 2,000 employees. The firm has amassed a sizable and active social media fan base, and has recently reallocated a portion of its marketing budget to SMS marketing with Raange … Read More

10 SMS marketing stats that will shock you!

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Raange & Klaviyo Integration

Grow An Industry-Leading Email and Mobile List with Klaviyo and Raange

Save time, improve productivity and increase sales by adding WAY MORE contacts to your Klaviyo account with the Raange X Klaviyo Integration! Some of our larger merchants are adding up to 5,000 new opt-in email and mobile subscribers PER DAY! … Read More

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How Kidd Family Auction Inc. is increasing Traffic and Sales with SMS Marketing

Kidd Family Auctions Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 2015. Dennis Kidd founded the company, which now includes three generations of Kidds as well as hand-picked staff members. Prior to 2019, the company was entirely … Read More

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How Pizza Salvatoré’s Online Orders Exploded Using SMS Marketing

Pizza Salvatoré, founded in 1964 by Mr. Salvatoré Abbatiello, is a fast food chain with over 60 locations and 2,000 employees in Canada. The firm has amassed a sizable and active social media fan base, and has recently reallocated a … Read More

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Raange Interactive Partners with Alice POS

Alice POS and Raange Interactive Announce Strategic Partnerhip MONTREAL – Earlier today, industry leader Alice POS announced a new product relationship with Raange, a Montreal-based marketing engagement platform that offers affordable SMS marketing for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to … Read More

What is a sms gateway for sms and text messaging

What is a SMS Gateway for SMS and Text Messaging

In this blog, we’ll discuss why and how to send bulk sms messages with sms gateways. Companies managing applications or software with text messaging features are most likely to use sms gateways. What is an SMS Gateway? Technically, a SMS … Read More